Cold Cold Heart - Karin Slaughter [b:Cold Cold Heart|17334923|Cold Cold Heart|Karin Slaughter||21460617] is a 24 page short story was a bit different than what I am used to from [a:Karin Slaughter|12504|Karin Slaughter|]. It is the story of Pam and John, a couple whose marriage has ended. In the ensuing years, their lives go in very different directions.

There were several things that set this story apart from the other books that I have read by Slaughter. First of all, both the Will Trent and Grant County series would be classed as mystery/thrillers, and as such there is a lot of both action and suspense. [b:Cold Cold Heart|17334923|Cold Cold Heart|Karin Slaughter||21460617], though, is much more subtle, the revenge much more covert. Additionally, this story does not have the wonderfully developed characters that I am used it in her full lenght novels. I mean, how much character development can you really pack into a story that is only 24 pages long. I definitely got a feel for the characters, but would liked to know a bit more about them.

To sum it up, even though this story was different than what I expected, I enjoyed it. The ending actually made me smile. It was a nice way to keep my nose in Karin's work while waiting for her latest novel to come out.