The Crazy Old Lady's Revenge - Kathleen Valentine [b:The Crazy Old Lady's Revenge|17406955|The Crazy Old Lady's Revenge|Kathleen Valentine||24246559] is the second story in [a:Kathleen Valentine|833689|Kathleen Valentine|]'s Crazy Old Lady series. Like the first story, [b:The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic|12112006|The Crazy Old Lady in the Attic|Kathleen Valentine||17081104], this story is a first rate psychological thriller. In fact, I liked the story line for this one a little more than the first. The story line here was more complex than the first one and I really had to pay attention. I loved the way that Kathleen dropped clues throughout the story. I was constantly guessing at where the story was leading, and constantly changing my mind, too. Along with the great story that Kathleen weaves in this story, was a great cast of complex characters, some of whom are not what they seem at first.

I can't wait until the next story of this series comes out, but luckily, I have several other stories and novels of Kathleen's to read while I wait. I have been a huge fan of [a:Kathleen Valentine|833689|Kathleen Valentine|] since I read [b:The Old Mermaid's Tale|1824437|The Old Mermaid's Tale|Kathleen Valentine||1824142] and another of her short stories, [b:Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter|12837614|Ghosts of a Beach Town in Winter|Kathleen Valentine||17988171]. So far everything that I have read by this author has been excellent, she is all that is wonderful about Indie authors.