Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde This series just keeps getting better. I had a little trouble getting into the first book in the series, but ended up enjoying it. This one was a lot better. All of my favorite characters are back. I love the predicaments that Thursday finds herself in. The idea of a society that revolves mainly around books fascinates me since I am such an avid reader. My favorite thing about this book, though is the idea of book jumping. I would LOVE to be able to jump into my favorite books and talk with the characters and get to really know them. What a bonus that would be. Usually, when I read a book that I particularly enjoy I find myself wondering what the characters did after the story ended, or how they felt about things that weren't specified in the book, what the backstory is. I guess that's why I usually like the book over the movie. My favorite character is Miss Haversham.

Another thing that I particlarly like about this series is Jasper Fforde's wit. I really enjoy the names he comes up with for characters, the way that extinct animals are brought in. One of my favorite scenes is where Thursday's Dad describes the alternate world that is obviously our world. What a twist.

Anyway - this is a great read and I totally intend to finish the series.