Breakfast at Tiffany's and Three Stories - Truman Capote This book was very interesting. I love Truman Capote's writing, so I got the version that had three other short stories along with it. All four stories were good.

I originally began to read this book as the monthly selection for the 1001 books you must read before you die group. I have to admit, I enjoyed the story, but I don't think that I understood it until we started discussing the book. The book centers on Holly Golightly as seen through the eyes of her neighbor, Fred, who is an author. I saw Fred as actually being Truman Capote, and in fact, the narrator was a gay man. This gives him a unique perspective on the character of Holly, since he is apparently immune to her femininity. Holly herself, is a somewhat tragic figure, a woman trying to be independent in a time when that was not encouraged. She gets by the best way she can, by "enhancing" the lives of the men around her. The story is short, and Capote does not really go into depth on the character of Holly, but that also may be by the author's design. Like in the story, Holly is a character that you catch a glimpse of, but never really get to know.