The Double Bind - Chris Bohjalian This book was really interesting.

I enjoyedThe story is based on a true event to the extent that there really was a homeless man living in a shelter who had a box full of photos of famous people. Apparently no one was able to discern how he went from being a successful photographer to a homeless man. I liked the fact that the story was loosely based on a real character, and really enjoyed the inclusion of his pictures in the book.

So - other than the fact that there was a homeless photographer, this book is pure fiction of the best kind. I really liked the way the author wove the story of The Great Gatsby into the book and actually made it seem like fact. At times I found myself questioning whether my memory was correct that The Great Gatsby was fiction. The the end of the book unfolded and I was amazed. I had to go back and look at other parts of the book to see that clues to the ending that I missed.

I picked this book up because someone in one of my groups was reading in and gave it a good review. In their review, the included some items that really intrigued me. As I read the book I saw why. Even though I had been warned that there was a big twist at the end I didn't entirely figure it out. I thought I had, but in the very last pages, the actual twist took me by surprise. Someday I will have to re-read this book to look for the clues to the ending that were hidden throughout the story. I certainly missed a bunch of them.