To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf I have always been afraid to read Virginia Woolf, thinking that she would be a difficult read, boring, or worse. Boy was I wrong. I really enjoyed this book. It's true that Virginia Woolf's writing style is sometimes a little confusing. At least in this book, she uses a stream of consciousness style that, I believe, would send my son's English teachers up the wall. Talk about run on sentences!

That said - her prose is beautiful. The first 80 or so pages in the book take place in a period of about 4 hours, highlighting the perspective of all of the major characters. If anyone told me that I would read a book where most of it takes place within a few hours, I would have said,"boring", but boring she is not. I loved the way Mrs. and Mr. Ramsay interacted with each other and what it says about the roles of men and women in that time period. I also love the way that Lily Briscoe in the antithesis to Mrs. Ramsay's traditional woman. How she uses Lily's art to highlight her radicalness. All in all, this was a great read and I will definitely by reading more Virginia Woolf in the future. I hope her other books are just as good.