Edward VI: The Lost King of England - Chris Skidmore This was a fascinating book regarding the person who is probably the least known of all the Tudors. I probably would not have read this book without GR and my friends at the Tudor Lovers group. Chris Skidmore certainly did his research and presented a complete picture of the reign of Edward VI. At the beginning of the book, I felt sorry for Edward. It seemed as if the winds of fortune (and fortune hunters) were going to blow him to and fro. He was only 9 years old when Henry VIII died. By the end of the book I understood more about Edward, and the fact that he would have become a king who could stand on his own two feet and stand up for his beliefs. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 15, so the world will never know what type of King he really would have been.

This book was well written and an easy read. I would definitely recommend it if you are into this period of history.