Innocent Traitor - Alison Weir This book is about the woman that was Queen of England for nine days between Edward VI (son of Henry VIII & Jane Seymour) and Mary Tudor (daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon). She was put on the throne by the reformists who did not want Mary to become Queen because they did not want the Catholic faith restored. It begins with Jane's birth, and takes you all the way through to her death. The book is told from the perspective of many of the people involved in both Edward's reign and Jane's.

What a tragedy her life was. Although the book was fiction Alison Weir usually writes non-fiction, so I am hoping it was pretty accurate. I do, though, have a hard time believing she was quite the tragic character that the book painted her as. It actually made me tear up at the end. To be so betrayed by your family, who are supposed to be your support. How depressing. I felt like I wanted to slap her mother at the end, when she finally realized that she and her husband had ruined Jane's life, and orchestrated her death. What kind of a mother does that?

Let me just say, that I am a Tudor aficionado, so as you can guess, I really enjoyed this book. Alison Weir has written many non-fiction books about the Tudors, and because of her extensive knowledge of the subject, this book is well researched and easy to read. I give the book 4 stars.