The Heretic's Daughter - Kathleen Kent I finished The Heretic's Daughter byKathleen Kent. Great book. I am giving it four stars. This book follows the Carrier family through the Salem Witch trials. The main character is the daughter of Martha Carrier, who is an actual person who was hanged as a witch during the trials. It was very interesting to see the daughters perspective of the sequence of events. It gave an alternate look at the whole proceeding. The book showed more of the pettiness and cruelty that fostered the situation and allowed it to reach it's crescendo.

Another thing that I especially liked about the book is that the author, Kathleen Kent, is actually a direct descendant of Martha Carrier, which gave the book an extra interest in my eyes. It is her first novel, and I hope she writes more historical fiction. The book definitely made me want to read more about the Salem Witch trials.

Another note, both this book, and the last book I read (Water for Elephants) highlighted the cruelty people are capable of. The last book to both other humans and animals, this one only other humans. Weird to read two books like that in a row.

The only negative I would mention regarding this book, was the fact that the author kept hinting at the former life of Martha Carrier's husband Tom, but never really explained it. I hope that is because she is planning to write a book about him ?!? If not, I would really love to know the story of Tom Carrier.