Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane This book takes place in 1954 at a hospital for the criminally insane that is in Boston Harbour. The story surrounds the experience of a US Marshall that goes to the island to help find a lost prisoner/patient. As the story unfolds, you learn that the Marshall has ulterior motives and that all is not as it appears to be. This is the third Dennis Lehane book that I have read, and by far the best. The foreshadowing and twists and turns in the book were great. Even though I had figured out one of the main twists in the plot about half way through (actually someone gave it away), the rest of the book was still excellent,and there were still many twists and turns to keep me going. As the book went along, I was able to figure out many of the pieces of the puzzle, but still couldn't wait to get to the end so that I could figure out how they all fit together. I love books that keep you guessing and turning pages, and this book certainly did not disappoint.