Honolulu - Alan Brennert I would highly recommend this book, and the first Hawaii book by this author, titled Moloka'i. Both books helped to satisfy my hunger for books about the mix of cultures that make Hawaii unique. This fascination began in high school when I read James Michener's Hawai'i. Unlike that book, these books tell the story of Hawai'i through the eyes of everyday people who live in the less glamorous Hawai'i than the paradise most people are familiar with. The main character in this book is Jin, a Korean girl who goes to Hawai'i as a picture bride. Through the eyes of Jin and her family and friends, we become acquainted with what life was like on O'ahu for the average person. The author does a fantastic job of highlighting both the good and the bad in Honolulu that helped to make it what it is today. His insertion of actual Hawaiians as characters in the novel make me want to find out more about the people and culture.

I certainly hope Mr. Brennert continues to write books about the Hawaiian islands and their fascinating mix of cultures.

If there was one criticism that I would make, it would be that too much of the book takes place in Korea before Jin sails to Hawaii. In truth, though, this part of the book helps define Jin's character and allows the reader to understand why she approached her life in Honolulu the way that she did.

All in all I like this book even better than the first book, Moloka'i, it that is possible.