Just Listen - Sarah Dessen Anabelle is the central character in Sarah Dessen's Just Listen. As the book begins, she is starting her junior year in high school and alluding to a falling out she had with best friend and popular girl Sophie, that cost her the current place in the pecking order. As the book unfolds, not only do we find out what transpired between Anabelle and Sophie, but what is keeping Anabelle from truly recognizing her potential. Early in the book she meets the enigmatic Owen who helps her to find herself and her place in society and her family. On the surface this book is another teen book about a girl who learns to grow up. Under the surface though it is really about learning to trust yourself and others. Annabelle is not the only character in the book who illustrates this theme.

I gave the book 4 stars. Although it is a young adult book, and I think that Sarah Dessen does a good job of making her characters believable. They are not over the top like the characters in some teen books. In addition most of her characters are positive role models for young girls.