Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen Another one of Sarah Dessens young adult novels. The basic plot is the same, high school or college girl that feels she doesn't belong, a boy that helps her realize she does, a family crisis that she has to deal with, and a happy ending. This is not a criticism, though. I think Sara Dessen's characters are great for young adult girls. They are always strong girls that overcome teenage angst and other problems. In this book, Auden goes to spend the summer with her Dad who lives two hours away. While there she finds friendship, which helps her to realize her true self. She also ends up finding friendship in unlikely places.

On the positive side, as I said, the character is strong, self sufficient, and a good role model for high school girls. On the negative, some of the plot devices left me cold. There always a guy that becomes a friend or more, a misunderstanding, and then they get back together. It seems sort of formulaic after a while. In addition, in this book, when Auden's father leaves her stepmother, she stays living with her stepmother, which is not exactly realistic.

All in all this was a fun, easy, read.