Confessions of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella The main character in this book, Becky, is obsessed with shopping. She has to have the best of everything, and she cannot stop. Whatever happens in her life, she either rewards herself, or consoles herself with shopping. In this way, Becky is no different from any other addict, be it alcohol, drugs, food, or whatever. She has all the classic addiction symptoms, lying, denial, hiding from others, etc. It is very interesting to look at addiction in this somewhat "benign" setting, although her shopping addiction is ruining her life, so it is not really benign. Like most addicts, Becky's lies eventually catch up to her and she hits rock bottom. The way that she eventually gets herself out of her dilemma makes this book an interesting read, even though it seemed highly unlikely.

I could certainly see my addiction to books in Becky's addiction to shopping. At first, her behaviors were cute and funny, but as the book continued, I found them disturbing and was actually embarrassed for her. I gave the book three and a half stars. It was a light, entertaining read for the most part, but I found the "happily ever after" ending a little to trite.