Things Not Seen - Andrew Clements This is a YA book about a teenage boy who wakes up one morning invisible. The book was recommended to me by one of my son Joe's best friends, Caitlin Hernandez, who happens to be blind. I originally was looking for a book with a positive blind character to read for a challenge regarding a book with a person who has lost one of their five senses. The only book I know of is Caitlin's book, which isn't published yet, so I couldn't use that. Since she is always telling me that portraying a blind person as helpless and weak is a cop out, I asked her what she would recommend. She recommended this book and Things That Are, which has the same blind character in it.

In short, I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would, and I am giving it 5 stars, which is unusual for a YA book. I was sucked in right from the beginning by the main character, Bobby Phillips, and his descriptions of his parents. As the book progressed, I really enjoyed the storyline, the characters introduced, and Bobby's character development. I thought that the combination of an invisible character and a character with a disability was an interesting and fresh way to illustrate the feeling of aloneness that many teenagers experience at some point. Both Bobby and Alicia feel that no one gets what they are going through, especially not their parents. The author strengthens his position with the addition of Sheila, another invisible character, at the end. The difference in the way she and Bobby handle their invisibility is genius to me.

I thoroughly recommend this book, and can't wait to read the other two books in the series.