Nightwalker - Heather Graham The term Nightwalker is a Native American word for people who can see and talk to ghosts. The protagonist in this book, Dillon Wolf, is a Paiute who works for a company that solves mysteries where ghosts are expected to be playing a part. In fact, his sidekick, Ringo Murphy, is a ghost. Dillon and Ringo currently find themselves in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are sent there to work on a case which includes protecting a casino owner. They end up protecting a beautiful single woman who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, when the casino owner's bodyguard is murdered and dies right on top of her. As the story unfolds, you find that circumstances and characters are more connected than they first seem to be, and Dillon and Ringo are really charged with solving a 100 year old mystery.

This is my first book by Heather Graham, but I will probably be reading more. The story and characters are endearing. Early on I was routing for Jessy and Dillon. I particularly liked the way that Jessy came to terms with her Native American roots, and really enjoyed her grandfather Timothy. Although the story seemed a little formulaic, I was surprised by the ending and never figured out who the actual bad guy was until the author revealed it. That, and the way that the author tied everything together at the end, were great and really added to my enjoyment of the book.

In the end, this book had everything. A good story line, characters that you could get behind, a 100 year old mystery, a little paranormal presence, a little romance, and some surprises at the end.