The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger ****************THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS*********************

This book has gotten a lot of hype, and a lot of my friends have raved about it. I liked the book, but I wouldn't call it phenomenal. I thought that the first half of the book was really slow, with all of the travelling back and forth, and alluding to things that were going to happen. Also - since this part of the book revolved around the far between times that Clare and Henry met, I felt the story line was a little too choppy. Once Clare and Henry met in real time, the book switched perspectives to mainly highlighting their everyday life, with a references to the time travel. This gave the story a smoother consistency, and really picked it up in my opinion. Some of the things that I enjoyed about the book were the birth of Alba, the time that Henry helped Clare to "punish" the boy who was abusive to his girlfriends in high school, the relationship between Henry and Gomez, and Kimy. I have to say, though, I didn't quite like the ending. I didn't like how Henry ended up with out feet, but still time traveled, making him vulnerable to any kind of attack. I didn't like that he ended up being shot and killed during such a time travel, by Clare's brother and father, no less. I didn't like that he came back to the present, in front of everyone, and died in front of Alba. I didn't like that Gomez called the police, but the author never told how they explained what happened. In fact, I found a lot of the book a little too unbelievable. I mean - Henry never got fired from his job, even though he would disappear and not explain himself, would get caught at work naked, materialized naked, bloody, and dying in front of all of his friends. I would give the book 3 stars.