Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) - Richard Castle I had heard that a lot of people were disappointed in this book, so I read it with trepidation. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed it. It was by no means a 5 star read, but for a quick (Only 196 pages), light mystery it was really good. It was like another episode of the show Castle, only in written form. I liked the interplay between Nikki Heat and Jamison Rook, and kept picturing Beckett and Castle. I also liked the way that they made Richard Castle into a real person by including write-ups on his family, other books, included comments by actual mystery writers, etc. All in all it was pretty fun to read. The only thing that I really did not like was the fact that Heat and Rook had sex. I think that is a cop out in a lot of these books, and in fact prefer the unrequited tension between Beckett and Castle in the show. I also did not like the way Heat referred to her cohorts as Roach, as if they were one person, it was just sort of wierd. As for the actual mystery. I have to say, the book kept me guessing until the end who the actual culprit was. I had guessed early on that it might be that character, but decided it was too easy an answer, and the story did a good job of directing my attention elsewhere.

All in all an enjoyable experience.