Greywalker - Kat Richardson YAY, another good urban fantasy series to read. This book was chosen for me by a Stella, one of my GR friends for us to read as a buddy read, and I have to tell you. I throughly enjoyed it, but Dresden is still my favorite. This one though, is a really close second.

Harper Blaine, the main protagonist is a Private Eye with paranormal talents due to a "near death experience". The first book in the series begins by setting up her circumstances and background. In addition, she is hired to work a couple of cases that turn out to have paranormal connections. Many of the supporting characters also have paranormal tendencies, and I had a great time trying to figure out which were human and which were not.

The book begins with a bang, literally, as Harper finds herself being beat to death by a subject she has been tracking. When she wakes up in the hospital, things start to get a little weird. Then she finds out that she died for two minutes. From there the story just gets more and more interesting. This book has a great story line, as well a whole host of interesting characters, several of which I hope will be playing roles in future books. The author did a good job of incorporating multi-faceted characters, the appropriate amount of action, and a great mystery. It is a definite must read for urban fantasy fans, especially those that like Jim Butcher's Dresden files and/or Karen Marie Monings Fever series.