The 13th Hour - Richard Doetsch The idea of a book told in reverse really appealed to me and this one didn't disappoint. From the first note by the author, to the last chapter, this book is full of exciting twists and colorful characters. Nick Quinn is the ultimate hero as he races against time to save his wife's life. The life starts with a hook, Nick's wife is murdered, and he is charged with the crime. From there on the crime is pealed back layer by layer as Nick tries to find out who is really behind his wife's death, for only by figuring it out can he save her life in the end.

I liked the premise for this book, and the unique way that the author told the story. The characters were well developed, and there were enough twists and turns in the story to keep me guessing until the end regarding who was on which side, and how it was all going to turn out. In fact, at one part I mentioned that it was interesting how I could tell who not to trust, and Nick Quinn couldn't, but later I found out that I was wrong, and Nick actually had better instincts than I did for the characters. The story enthralled me so much that I couldn't read it fast enough. I ended up doing something that I usually forbid myself to do. I flipped through and speed read parts of each chapter to satisfy my curiosity. Once I felt satisfied, I went back and read the story in earnest.

The only critique I have regarding this book is the poor editing that was done. I know that editing is a hard job, and sometimes errors get missed before a book goes to print, but this book had more errors than most. There were many places in the books where a word would be missing from the sentence (i.e. to, it, of) rendering the sentence incoherent. I would find myself going back and reading the sentence again, slowly to figure out what the missing word was. This happened, not once or twice, but about 15 times throughout the book.

All in all, though, it was a thoroughly delightful read.