Secrets of Eden - Chris Bohjalian Another great book by Chris Bohjalian. This book grabbed me right off the bat, and kept my interest throughout. In fact, I had a really hard time putting this book down. I wanted to curl up and read it straight through. I have read two of Chris Bohjalian's books now, and I must say, he is a master at surprise endings. I really like the way that he fills his stories with twists, turns and a lot of red herrings that keep you guessing as to exactly what is the truth. Just keep in mind, nothing is ever what it seems.

In this book, he tells the story of Steven Drew, and pastor of a church in a small Vermont town, and Alice Hayward, one of his parishioners, whose husband kills her on the day she is baptized. Once again, Bohjalian fills his story with interesting characters, each of which is unique. In this case, separate parts of the story are told my different people involved, and I was amazed at what a great job Bohjalian did of creating a unique voice for each character. Not only did you learn a lot about the characters that way, but it was fascinating to see how differently they each perceived the events.

The only down side to this book for me was that I figured out the ending before I got to it. In both of the books that I have read by this author, he has included big surprise endings, which leave you saying, "WOW, I didn't see that coming!". Unfortunately, through a fluke, I found out the ending of this book before I got to it, so I was a little disappointed. Even knowing the ending, though, he presented the story in such a way that kept me guessing as to whether my information was correct. The only disappointment was, that when the ending came, it didn't have quite the punch it should have. I would give this book a 4.75!