Rose Cottage - Mary Stewart I think I had read this book before. There was a period in my late teens and early twenties where I read Gothic romances left and right. During that time Mary Stewart was one of my favorites, along with Victoria Holt and Phyllis Whitney.

This book centers around Kathy, a girl who grew up in a small village in England, and returns after a number of years. Her mother died when she was small, and she was raised by her grandmother and great aunt. Her return to the village sets the stage for a little mystery surrounding her mother's death. This was definitely a sweet, quick, light read. Although it was a Gothic type mystery, I wouldn't really class it as a Gothic romance. Although there is the "good" guy who helps her along the way, there is no male villain, and no real romance.

I am giving this 3 stars. I really enjoyed it, and after The Count of Monte Cristo was really ready for a quick, light read. As most of these books go, though, the plot was pretty transparent, and the ending easily guessed. I love these kinds of books for a break, though! Definitely a good effort by Ms. Stewart.