Hush - Kate White I definitely enjoyed this one and am giving it 4 stars. The thing is, I am not sure how to classify it. It was part murder mystery, part thriller, and part chick-lit. It wasn't as edge on your seat as some of the thrillers I've read, but the story did capture and hold my interest, and the ending was good.

The protagonist in this book is Lake Warren, a woman who is going through a messy divorce and custody battle, only to find her life threatened. Is it the husband trying to discredit her as a mother, does it have something to do with her current consulting client, or does it have something to do with the murdered doctor that she spent the night with. As the story progresses, many theories are put forth as to who is after Lake. Even though this book wasn't "edge of your seat" good like thrillers such as
Shutter Island, there was enough ambiguity throughout the story, that I was never quite sure which theory was actually the correct one. To me, that is important in a thriller. I really like being surprised, and although I wasn't totally surprised by the ending, I was definitely surprised by who the perpetrator was and mildly surprised by which theory ended up being the correct one as to the reason.

I also really liked the character of Lake Warren. As should be for a character of this type, she was very human, and it was her humanity that got her involved in the situation that ended up complicating her life. As many books have shown, the most insignificant items can be clues, and the most innocuous actions can have far reaching consequences.