Rush Home Road - Lori Lansens This is the first of book that I have read by this particular author, but her books come highly recommended. I will certainly say that this one did not disappoint. It is a very poignant story about a women's look back on her life, and her love for a little girl who was literally left on her doorstep. I really love it when someone recommends a book to me and I end up loving it.

The main character in this book is Addy Shadd. Addy lives in a trailer park close to Lake Erie in Canada and is asked to take care of Sharla Cody, the six year old daughter of a woman who lives on the other side of the trailer park. Little does she know that Sharla's mom is going to take off with her boyfriend and leave Sharla with her for good. The ensuing story is comprised of the relationship between Sharla and Addy, and vignettes of Addy's life.

Lori Lansens has a very good writing style. I found this book very easy to read. From the very beginning, I was interested in the characters and excited to see how their lives unfolded. I felt incredible empathy for Sharla, and thankful that fate landed her with Addy. The relationship between the two was heartwarming and heart-wrenching at the same time.

The vignettes of Addy's life was interesting in that it was a window into the times that she lived in and through. I had never heard of Rusholme, Canada before and was curious, so I did some internet research, and though Rusholme does not itself exist, Dresden, Ontario, Canada does in the location the book mentions. In addition, the Dawn Settlement in Dresden fits all of the requirements for Rusholme. Once again, I have learned something new about history from a great book.

As I mentioned above, this author came highly recommended from a friend, and since then I have heard great things about her stories from other friends. I have already ordered her newest book, The Wife's Tale: A Novel also. A definite recommendation from me.