Blindsighted  - Karin Slaughter This was the first in a thriller series that I read with a couple of GR reading buddies. I think thrillers are fast becoming my second favorite genre, next to historical fiction. I still like mysteries,but a good thriller is like a mystery on steriods. I like a story that takes you places, makes you try to guess where it will end, then takes you somewhere different. This book was that kind of book.

The book starts off introducing you to the two main characters of the series, Sara Linton and her ex-husband Jeffrey. Among other things, Sara is the county coroner and Jeffrey is the sheriff, which of course means that they can't really avoid each other. By the end of the first few chapters, you know both that Sara and Jeffrey still have "history" to work through, and that Sara is going to be smack in the middle of a serial murder rampage, and that the first victim's sister is a detective on Jeffrey's force. The rest is a good page turner with a couple of good twists and turns.

One of the things that I use to measure this type of book is whether or not, or how early, I can figure out who the murder is. In this book, I figured out the who about one third of the way into the book, but even though I thought I had figured out the motive, I never really got it. The author shot my theory down shortly after it was formulated, and I kept guessing until the truth was revealed. I love when that happens.

What was not so good about the book consisted mainly of unanswered questions and a confusing love interest angle. As for the unanswered questions, the author never explained why the murderer began his rampage when he did or why he picked the victims that he did. I believe the why was alluded to, but only in a brief passing statement. Further, their was a bit of a quirk in his whole routine that was never adequately explained in my opinion.

As for the love interest between Sara and her ex, well in that case I thought they were both being inordinately stupid and childish. Rather that feel for them, I just wanted to slap them and tell them to grow up and make up their minds.

All in all, though, the story held my interest from beginning to end, and the plot was good, as were most of the characters. I am looking forward to reading the next in this series.