Immoral  - Brian Freeman One thing I always look forward to in a book, is not being able to anticipate the ending. Because of that, I have become a real fan of the thriller genre with it fast pace and high amount of plot twists. In fact, I was beginning to think that no amount twists could be to many, but I have to say, in this book Brian Freeman accomplished it. There were so many plot twists in this story, that I actually had trouble keeping up with them all. Not really, but almost. That is the only thing that I could possibly say bad about this book, though. All in all, it was a fantastic story. Every time I felt that we HAD to have gotten to the final twist in the story, the author would throw in another one and keep the story going for a while longer. The result is a thrill ride from start to finish. And far from detracting from the story line, each plot twist seemed to enhance the story.

In addition to a great story, this book was also filled with a lot of great characters. I found Jonathan Stride's character to be just the right mix of male characteristics, and his relationship with Maggie was really fun to see. In addition, Serena and Cordy were a good match for each other. Obviously Jonathan continues through the series, but I certainly hope that Serena, Maggie, and Cordy also continue to be players in the future stories. Along with the major characters, the characters that the murder plot revolved around were varied and interesting.

All in all, I am glad for three things:

I am glad that I have such good GR friends to recommend books. Thanks for this one goes to both Wendy C and Marilyn

I am glad that I was looking for a book that took place in Minnesota for a monthly challenge. See, there is a definite benefit to reading for challenges.

Mostly, I am glad that I read this book.