The Girl Who Chased the Moon - Sarah Addison Allen This book was a group read for one of my book groups quite a while ago. I had never read anything by Sarah Addison Allen, and there was a huge wait list at the library, so I was anxious to read the book and see what it was about. I'm not sure what I expected, but what I ended up with was a light, quick read with a cute storyline and good characters. It was a great read for the end of the summer, not to heavy.

After a long wait for the book, as mentioned above, I was surprised when I finally got it that it wasn't classed as a YA book. After reading it, it seems to fit that genre best, to me. It is a cute story about a small town in Georgia where there is a mystery surrounding one of the central families, and the new girl in town, whose mother was involved in the mystery many years ago. Except the mystery is pretty obvious, the involvement of the "new girl" is standard, and the romances between the main characters are formulaic. In fact, I found myself comparing the book to Twilight. New girl moves to town, falls for a boy whose family hides a paranormal secret, sound familiar? Another reason why this book seems to be a YA or 'Tween novel to me.

The differences are that Sarah Addison Allen has added a mystery from years ago involving the main character's mother and the family in questions. She has also added a subsidiary romance between two of the other characters in the book which has an ending that seems suspiciously like the set up for a sequel.

All in all, it was a light, quick read that had a cute storyline and worked really well as an end of summer light read. I enjoyed it, but it was nothing spectacular.