Robert Frost's Poems - Robert Frost, Louis Untermeyer I have to say, I expected to like this book more than I did. I have been a fan of some of Frosts poems for years, but in reading this book I found that he has two distinct styles. One is simply narrative, which I found I did not like as much. His narratives are mostly conversational, and I found the line breaks in the stanzas distracting. In addition, I prefer my poetry to paint a picture, not necessarily just tell a story.

The second style is more lyrical, and I really enjoyed those poems. Here are a few of my favorite stanzas from some of them. The first is from a poem called GHOST HOUSE:

I dwell in a lonely house I know
That vanished many a summer ago,
And left no trace but the cellar walls,
And a cellar in which the daylight falls,
And the purple-stemmed wild raspberries grow.

Another from page 112 that I particularly liked is from a poem titled TWO TRAMPS IN MUD TIME:

The sun was warm but the wind was chill.
You know how it is with an April day
When the sun is out and the wind is still
You're one month on in the middle of May.
But if you so much as dare to speak,
A cloud comes over the sunlit arch,
A wind comes off a frozen peak,
And you're two months back in the middle of March.

I think this one reminds me a lot of our weather right now!

As you can see, the above really leave the reader with a mental picture. In addition, they both rhyme, but that is not always necessary. In Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, none of the poems rhyme, yet they are very lyrical and paint beautiful mental pictures. I find that I much prefer this type of poetry.

Some of my other favorites from this book include:


Due to the overall difference in the poems, I am giving this book a 3 overall, even though I would give some of the poems a 5.