Wicked Eddies - Beth Groundwater In Wicked Eddies, the second title in Beth Groundwater's RM Outdoor Adventures series we again find Mandy, Rob, and their various cohorts, employees and employers embroiled in the thick of a mystery as murder once again hits Salida, Colorado. In this case, it is one of the town's fly fishing aficionados, who just happens to be the uncle of Mandy's bartending friend Cynthia. I actually felt this book was a bit better than the first book in the series. Again the author had done her homework on the subject of fly fishing competitions and includes great descriptions and information in the book. In this book, though, the rambling descriptions of minor items are not in evidence. In addition, the recurring characters are given a bit more depth which makes it easier to become invested in them. I still don't particularly see what Mandy sees in Rob, but by the end of this book he was starting to grow on me. In addition, Mandy and Rob's plans to expand their business promises many new opportunities for Mandy to practice her sleuthing skills in the future.

If you are an Outdoor Adventure fan and like cozy mysteries, this book will probably appeal to you. I would give it 3.5 stars and consider it a good entrant into the cozy mystery genre.