Out of Focus - Nancy Naigle Out of Focus is the title of Southern Author Nancy Naigle's second Adams Grove novel. Like her first book, Sweet Tea and Secrets, this book has a smooth storyline with a wonderful Southern voice. Unlike the first one, this book is a little more mystery and a little less romance. Both are equally good reads. This time we are introduced to Kasey, who is a new comer to Adams Grove. While on the road working as a photographer on tour with a country singing star, Kasey's husband has been having the folks in Adam's Grove build the perfect house for them and their son. When he is killed and their son, Jake, goes missing, Kasey moves into the house in Adams Grove to search for Jake. I actually enjoyed this book a little bit better since it was more of a mystery and less of a romance. I thought the mystery was well crafted. Although I guessed who the perpetrator was, it was not AS transparent as in the first book and the mystery had a little more depth to it. That said, I believe that the author played the romance part of the book just right. It would have been too strange to have Kasey get involved in a big romance so close to the death of her husband, and I believe it would have hurt the story for that to happen. Finally, although this book was also set in Adams Grove, to say that these books were are a series is a bit of a stretch. The overlap of characters between the two is very small. In fact, it was so small that it was a bit confusing as to which story came first. In addition, there was one disconnect between the two books that threw me for a loop for a while. I won't say anymore than that. The bottom line is that there were some characters in the first book that I would really like to get to know better, and I hope that the author continues to write about Adams Grove and includes some of those characters in future stories. Adams Grove is definitely a town that one would like to spend more time in as a reader and settle in as a character.