The Second Rule Of Ten - Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay I read the first book ([b:The First Rule of Ten|12926637|The First Rule of Ten (A Tenzing Norbu Mystery, #1)|Gay Hendricks||18082203]) in [a:Gay Hendricks|65492|Gay Hendricks|] Tenzig Norbu series last year, and jumped at the chance to read the second one, aptly named [b:The Second Rule Of Ten|13591135|The Second Rule Of Ten (A Tenzing Norbu Mystery, #2)|Gay Hendricks||19179168] when it came out. It is hard to put my finger on exactly what I like about these stories, they are just enjoyable mysteries with great characters. Rather than any specific items, it is the whole package that I ended up liking. I enjoyed the characters, the story line was interesting, the writing flowed, and the details on Buddhism that are revealed (the lead character grew up in a Buddhist monastery in India) fascinated me. Another stand out feature of this book was the lack of gratuitous sex or violence. Although I like grit, dark stories, horror, thrill rides, etc. a lot, I found that it was enjoyable to read a straight out mystery for a change. This book left me smiling, and better still, looking forward to the next book, which I presume will be titled, The Third Rule of Ten. I am definitely hooked and can tell that I am going to be looking forward to each book in this series.

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