One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost In this second installment of the Night Huntress Series, we find Cat has become Special Agent Catherine Crawfield and is working with a special Department of the US Government whose sole purpose is to track down and eliminate dangerous supernatural characters. If you liked the first book in this series, this second book certainly will not disappoint. Giving Cat some space from Bones, and a mission all her own, was a smart move on the part of [a:Jeaniene Frost|669810|Jeaniene Frost|]. It has allowed her to introduce a host of new characters for Cat and Bones to interact with, which can only be good for the reader. It also has the advantage of opening the storyline of the series giving it room to grow. I will, say, too, that the author's efforts in this respect are a big success. She has surrounded Cat with a number of great characters that I know I will want to keep in touch with as I read the books. In addition, she has given Cat an identity all her own that draws the reader in. The storyline here is a hit, too. It contains all of the action and suspense that I found in the first book. In addition, it left me wanting to read know how Cat and Bones relationship progresses, to find out how her team continues to meld and to meet and learn more about the various characters in the supernatural world that they all inhabit. A definite thumbs up from me.